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As our consultants and developers have worked with clients over the years to implement complex workflow and other Internet based applications we were often asked by clients why the management of the content on their websites was significantly more complex and costly than working with our applications.  In an attempt to fix this disparity we developed several different end-user manageable website systems for different clients. 

In early 2001 we decided to combine the best of these specialized web site systems into a full featured and yet easy to use system that could be utilized by the general business community.  Thus was born ASAPSites.com.

Since it's initial release we have added a wide array of features to the system and still maintained the ease of use that allows all of the content on the site to be managed b y a general business user/manager.  Some of the most popular enhancements are:

Easy to Use
Page Editing
ASAPSites.com provides an easy to use browser based page editing system that manages all of the HTML creation and modification.  In addition for power users there is an HTML based interface as well as a combination page type that will allow a page to be setup with complex HTML but just give the user the ability to edit the text based components of the page.
Calendar of Events
Full calendar of events capability allow an end user with little technical experience and a web browser to maintain a full listing of events that can then be viewed by site visitors in an intuitive calendar format.  This can be combined with the Custom Feedback Forms and E-commerce capabilities to create an ecommerce enabled registration system.  
Custom Feedback Forms
Custom Feedback forms can be easily created and implemented by users with little technical expertise and a web browser.  The forms can be as simple as a name and address or as complex as an application form.  Collected data can be easily extracted in XML form and used in everything from Microsoft Excel to customized database systems.  
Membership and Opt-in/out Email System
The membership module allow an organization to either manage membership information internally or allow web users to enter their own information.  Mailing lists can be selected by the users and opt-in/out emails can be sent by users with little technical knowledge and a web browser.  All email messages contain a link that allows a recipient to opt-out of future emails.  
Simple E-Commerce via Paypal and Inventory
The e-commerce and inventory modules can be setup and maintained by a user with little technical knowledge and a web browser.  Inventory items can be setup with description, photo and price.  Paypal's secure shopping cart and check-out functions are fully integrated and allow for an easy and secure on-line shopping experience for Paypal users as well as creditcard shoppers.  
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