Business Services

Business Services

The Four Gates Business Services Group provides the following services:


Business Management Services for foreign based organization. Four Gates offers European based companies an entryway into doing business in the United States. We act as your virtual US base of operations. In addition to bringing our extensive experience in operating in the US this service can also significantly decrease the initial costs of setting up a US based operations.


Sales and Marketing Management.  Todays computer systems and software have changed the landscape for sales and marketing professionals. Complex sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems can allow a organization to make more efficient use of sales and support resources while at the same time providing customers with a higher level of support and customer satisfaction. In addition utilization of the Internet in areas such as web site management, search engine optimization and product resources and support are areas where companies are seeing huge increases in sales and customer satisfaction.


Project Management - Our Principal Consultants and Partners have successfully managed hundreds of collaborative software development projects. During that time we have created a systematic requirements gathering and project management process that insures the successful delivery of the most complex software development projects.  We provide a wide range of services related to project definition and management covering everything from requirements definition to RFP development to full on-shore or off-shore software development outsourcing.

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